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Erectile Dysfunction ED: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Sexual stimulation releases this chemical and these medications enhance its effect, allowing for an erection. Other less common, but effective, medications for ED include self-injections or urethral suppositories. If medications aren’t effective, your doctor may recommend a vacuum penis pump. This device uses a hollow tube to create when its time to leave an alcoholic a vacuum that pulls blood into your penis. Penile implants are another option and involve surgically placing a device that allows the penis to achieve an erection. If your ED is impacting your mental health or your relationship, your doctor may also recommend that you and your partner visit a psychologist or a sexual therapist.

  1. Additionally, you should cut back on high-fat, high-sugar, or heavily processed foods.
  2. Diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels needed to achieve and maintain an erection.
  3. It can grow alongside a preexisting health disease, or occur on its own.
  4. Don’t buy herbs and supplements for ED treatment unless you speak with your doctor first.

During this time, you can still touch each other, but not in the genital area (or a woman’s breasts). The idea is to explore your bodies knowing that you will not have sex. Many hormonal conditions can be treated using injections of synthetic (man-made) hormones to restore normal hormone levels.

natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction

Consult your primary care doctor if symptoms become more frequent or severe. Besides confirming your condition, your doctor also can check for other health issues that may cause ED (see «Signs of other health problems»). There is some research suggesting that pomegranate juice may help reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms. However, the study had a very small sample size, so more research is necessary.

Your specific treatment plan will depend on the causes of your ED, and treatment options will be decided by your doctor. If your doctor diagnoses erectile dysfunction, they will also examine you to find out the root cause. Likely, they’ll give you a physical exam where they’ll check your vitals, as well as your genitals. In some cases, your symptoms may not actually be stemming from ED but could be symptoms of another medical condition. Your doctor can run a series of tests and evaluations to screen for those medical conditions and ultimately rule them out as potential causes. Many of these steps involve making healthy lifestyle changes.

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

This helps assess any abnormalities in your penis and plan surgery. In some cases you may be referred to a specialist for further testing. This might be the case if you are unusually young to be experiencing erectile dysfunction as it’s rare in men under 40 years of age. A physical examination of your penis may be carried out to rule out anatomical causes (conditions that affect the physical structure of your penis). Many websites offer treatments for ED but their use is not recommended.

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Only small studies are currently available, but some results seem promising. By fine-tuning your cardiovascular health, you could also build bedroom endurance. Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, yohimbine, and horny goat weed are herbs that may have similar effects to Viagra. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 9 common myths about substance addiction all you need to know recommend that males limit alcohol intake to two drinks per day and females limit theirs to one per day. This supplement is often well-tolerated, but there is not enough evidence to support its use. Side effects of this supplement include headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, palpitations, and constipation.

Sexual performance anxiety is a common cause of sexual problems. Although there has not been much research into potential treatments, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, and meditation may all help. Discuss pelvic floor physical therapy with a doctor to learn which exercises are most effective.

Research suggests that avid bikers are more likely to get ED than other athletes. Some bicycle seats put pressure on the perineum, an area between the anus and scrotum full of arteries and nerves vital to sexual arousal. If you bike for many hours each week, get a seat designed to protect this area. People who practiced an aerobic exercise four times a week saw the best results, according to the authors of a 2018 systematic review. At first, a person may only be able to perform an exercise three or four times.

Talk to a primary care physician or a urologist if you suspect you have erectile dysfunction. They can help diagnose ED, identify its cause and recommend the best treatment option for you. A urologist is a healthcare provider who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect your reproductive system and urinary system. See your GP if you have erectile dysfunction for more than a few weeks. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction. For instance, a minor physical condition that slows your sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection.

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